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August 23rd, 2010

08:37 pm - Former Glory
I've been making a lot of things from scratch over the past few months with great glee and occasional panic. However not everything I do is about the new. Sometimes I get asked to see what I can do to repair the odd item.

Currently in my workshop* I have several swords that have lost their former glory. The latex is missing in parts on all of them and either just tearing or flaking like mad. In my insane need to record things that I make I've got in progress photos like the one here of what I've done so far.

It's fiddly work occasionally but I find I rather enjoy the idea of restoring instead of just throwing away and getting something new. Plus if you've got a favourite sword** that you've not managed to find a replacement for, why not just give it a new lease of life?

* For Workshop read Kitchen
**Like the one your father gave you to avenge your death...no wait his death (though I suppose in some cases your death is also valid)

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August 22nd, 2010

10:37 pm - Did not think this through
I noticed a moment of common sense fail whilst out at Ikea the other day with my mum. For reference they have show rooms of how to maximise your space with clever storage solutions. Often they can be very inspiring. One set up they had involved a nice tv cabinet that covered a whole wall with a coffee table and rug. However for reasons unknown it seemed the designer of the room had clearly not tried opening the cupboard door on the cabinet. It just got stuck on the rug and it was the only door in the entire apartment layout.

Today whilst with choccoweeble in Sainsburys I had to question the sanity of the shelf display designers. Going down one aisle to get to the checkout we went past the 'Back to School' Section. The rather interesting juxtaposition being the aisle directly across from it. To the right school books, pencils and uniforms, to the left alcohol, mostly the really strong stuff. For all your family needs?
Current Mood: amusedamused

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August 19th, 2010

06:48 pm - Small cog in the Minoan Clockwork
There was a field, there was wood, tents, and rope. I helped rope together some of the arena. I watched meteorites cross the milky way and gave an impromptu astronomy lesson. I found a bruise that had nothing to do with helping on my arm. I watched makeshift wasp traps be set up and incense burned and first aid smoked out. I helped in GOD with some other tremendously organised people. I was cheerful at players all night long as we all worked out what we were doing.
I went to bed, I got up and got into kit. I was made to look deathly pale when I've been the most tanned I've been in ages. We marshaled people, organised bouts, changed banners, dragged injured around. We did admin, handed out results. I was a cloak for an evening. I went to bed.
We did it again faster, in more detail and with bigger fights. Cheering, heckling and more. And then it ended and we packed up and I headed home.

There are many things that can be said about the weekend I will take from it this:

The pride I felt when I was told by various people that they used the arena banners, battles and schedule as a clock.
The fact that many people I know enjoyed themselves
Oh and the image of me bouncing about ordering large blood covered warriors around whilst having 'Taylor the Latte Boy' on loop in my head. (This song has no relevance to odyssey other than being super catchy.)
Current Mood: tiredtired
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August 11th, 2010

11:41 pm - If someone believes in you
I will start by saying that I have loved theatre as a medium for a long while and even took an a-level study in the subject. It was with a heavy heart that a little over a year ago I found out that the Chester theatre would be shutting down. The last thing we went to see before it closed its doors was the one man Star Wars show.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that another company had taken over and was now running shows. Some poking around later and choccoweeble am I were booked to see 'This Is My Musical III' and 'The Goon Show'.

The tickets arrived, the seats were held and with some excitement and trepidation we headed off to see a show that claimed to allow you to "Experience songs from Glee, Sister Act, Legally Blonde, Jersey Boys, 9 to 5, Shrek, Altar Boyz, Billy Elliot, Mary Poppins, Lion King, Next to Normal, Love Never Dies and many more"

On arriving to the theatre and doing the obligatory loo trips and standing around we were ushered not to the seats we had expected but down into a basement theatre that reminds me of the converted church that houses D.A.D.S*. Apparently I overheard as I was passing the ticket lady this was because the big stage had been completely gutted and there was nothing left in the room at all. There was no real stage with just a flat floor with tiered seating beyond. In fact the stairs from which we descended made up part of the scenery that would be used in the performance to come.

An alarm clock on a black box centered in a clear stage greeted us as we took out seats and fifteen minutes later the sounds of beepers and buzzers led us into the introductory performance of 9 to 5. The cast were enthusiastic from the start and performed dance numbers to the songs that would be the pride of any stage production. There were nine women, four men and two children who all seemed in great voice.

Not having had any pennies to buy myself a program I was occasionally at a loss to identify certain songs. This led to politely checking with my neighbour** on occasion to give me hints. This taught me only that there are a lot more musicals out there than I know about. There was not a number that I did not enjoy however and quite a few that I hope I remember the name or lyrics of so I can look them up again.

Now before the whole thing started I'd jokingly said that as long as the Glee song wasn't 'Don't stop believing' we would all be fine. After a hasty second read through of the listings there was only one Glee song and yes you guessed it; 'Don't stop believing'. Ok, yes, I can see that when picking a Glee song that is really the obvious choice but really I wanted something else, I'm beginning to tire of Journey now. Anyway they were all in jeans with red tops in perfect homage to the tv version even sporting a fellow whose curly floppy hair made him very Jessie like to me.*** I will say this they did very, very well being let down only occasionally by the position of their mikes which was allowing the backing track to slightly overpower some of their voices.

Notable favourites from the show were a song from Shrek that Fiona sings, Tyler the Latte Boy and its sequel Tyler's Response****, an emotional song from Next To Normal, things from Legally Blonde and oh definitely the Alter Boys song. I have never giggled so much from the lyrics of a song and the performance for a long while. A volunteered***** audience participation girl was dragged up to be serenaded and her embarrassment played up the lyrics to great effect.

Definitely more than worth the ticket price of £10. Also through I am supposed to now be focusing on preparing for Odyssey as we're off to site tomorrow; inside there is a little giggly musical lover bouncing up and down and shouting 'Again! Again!'. Roll on the Goon show next week.

*Dolgellau Amateur Dramatics Society of which my darling father is a member

**Well looking from the corner of my eye instead of leaning which I consider rather polite

***Yes I know that he wasn't in that song in the show

****The first not technically from a musical but sung by a musical star. The second an Anon response both performed to great comic effect

*****By her friends who had to give her a bit of courage
Current Mood: amusedamused

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August 9th, 2010

09:39 pm - To Do List and Stubbornness Versus Illness
There is nothing that makes me more aggravated than having a long list of things to do and suddenly falling ill. Getting hit by an inner ear infection only two weeks from my deadlines took 5 days of crafting time from me.

I'm nothing if not stubborn and focused when on short deadlines however. That and I seem to have an insanely high hit rate for things I make up as I go along.
An Example of such a successCollapse )
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
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June 30th, 2010

04:22 pm - Dessert Warrior

Dessert Warrior
Originally uploaded by shazrasha
Now I have to say that sometimes I get the insanest ideas and often tell myself that there is no point indulging some of them. However once in a while I get one that is silly, fun and actually possible. Now I can't take photos of myself in kit. I do however have a big bear that I hand waistcoats on on occasion when I'm being silly and who guards my special tie. I also have armour that hasn't had a proper photoshoot since I finished it.

Big Bear + Armour + Insane Idea = PHOTOSHOOT!

Big Bear + Armour + Insane Idea + Turban + Weapon and buckler = Dessert Warrior. Looking out for your icecream everywhere...mainly so he can snaffle it in the sneaky desert warrior raids that he is so well prepared for.

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January 6th, 2010

08:38 pm - Tracks

Originally uploaded by shazrasha
I spent a lovely day at the Zoo today and partway through decided it would be cool to take photos of the tracks that were running around outside of the pens. Partially to see how much wildlife just hangs about the place and partially to see if people could work out what the animals were.

Go on have a go.

EDIT: Click on the photo or title link for the full set of tracks

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November 30th, 2009

05:33 pm - Last day of the month

Better Uncounted
Originally uploaded by shazrasha

My sewing machine it appears has gremlins because despite me fiddling with it and not getting anywhere all the engineer had to do was rethread it...I feel slightly foolish but have managed to make up for this by sewing things today. The first was a doublet I decided it was about time I had. They are such elegant garments and I have a nice brocade so now several hours later I have an almost finished doublet in red and gold.

Then I decided to work on the waistcoat pattern that I needed for my hedgehog. This too has been sewn rather more rapidly than expected. I love it when a pattern works especially when I sort of guess my way forwards.

Both garments have roughly the same thing left to do one them, sleeve holes, button holes and buttons.

I have started on Mole 2.0 which should fix a few of the niggles of Mole 1.5...

On top of that I have been good and done my Monday cleaning so I feel accomplished. It's amazing what a working sewing machine does for my mood.
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

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November 27th, 2009

03:33 pm - When the sewing machine is away...
Ok, the sewing machine is still in the living room but I blame this on having to wait for a delivery man by which point I decided I may as well take in the machine on Monday.

So what does one do when you can't do the sewing machine?

Well I decided to start with adding spines to a hat for the hedgehog look. I think maybe a few more spines to help round it out a bit but it is a good start.

Then I moved on to sewing shut the foxtail I made a while back as it seemed silly to have left it that long.

I also, after a reminder from midnightoak, added the ability to carry a candle and matches to my calligraphy bracer.

And then becuase I get really twitchy when I see ideas that haven't been completed yet, I tried my hand at a mole nose. I had trouble to start with but eventually I managed to get it to sit right.

After all this I was unsure what else to do but with scraps of leather now lying about and having reread the Winter in the Willows setting I decided to create some tokens for trading.
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November 25th, 2009

04:20 pm - Crafting the third...
Today crafting took a bit of a back step due to my needing to catch up with my cleaning. So by 11o'clock the bathroom, kitchen and living room with adjoining stairs and hallway were cleaned. This did lend itself randomly to making my crafting a bit more organised as I cleared away all the things that I no longer required. Now I have neat little piles of each thing that needs doing.

In crafting news I set about adding buckles to my calligraphy bracer so that is now wearable...though I am, after a discussion with [Bad username: midnightoak"] feeling the urge to decorate it with lovely burning and gilding...

Then I started on my doublet getting the back fully done and cutting the front collar. I also started on Arnthor's doublet tester...it was about this point when I realised that the sewing machine wasn't doing Zigzag stiching. The timing on it is still slightly wonky. Not enough to be out of commission but enough to cause issues. So I have now called the shop and set about getting them to fix it again (still for free - yeah warranty). This leaves me with all the non sewing crafts to work on instead.

Oh and in other news I got a parcel that failed to deliver despite being in the house at the time they called. Ah well it's an excuse for a walk tomorrow.
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed

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